Meet InCrys We balance experience and enthusiasm in the IT and Software Development world.
Internationally-certified, InCrys implements industry-leading working methodologies, providing clients with the most dynamic approach with every project we encounter.
A stable presence in the ‘Deloitte Technology EMEA Fast 500’ for the past 4 years, InCrys unites 300+ certified IT&C-Software experts.
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The Story

InCrys balances experience and enthusiasm in the IT and Software Development world. Our foresight and ongoing desire to evolve have continuously attracted clients and talent of equally bold vision throughout the past 14 years. This enabled us to mature and gain experience without compromising any of that innovation-inducing enthusiasm.
From our Rotterdam and London offices and our Bucharest delivery-center, InCrys provides full-scale IT&C-Software and Consulting Services for clients in Western Europe, USA and Canada.

We think there’s no universal truth or one-size-fits-all approach. We believe in finding that project-exclusive ideal mix. Latest technology, worldwide-compliant methodologies, emerging and established programming languages, and the uniquely-creative-InCrys-touch are the main ingredients we involve in delivering state-of-the-art Software Solutions.

Our vision is supported and made possible by the right people. InCrys values attract open-minded professionals with a natural understanding of different cultures and business environments. We use our exceptional language-skills and innate-curiosity to adapt to our surroundings with ease. We love what we do and have fun while doing it, which transfers spontaneous passion and efficiency-boosting commitment into our work.

The Know-How

A stable presence in the ‘Deloitte Technology EMEA Fast 500’ for the past 4 years, InCrys unites 300+ certified IT&C-Software experts. Proficient in an extensive number of emerging and established programming dialects, our developers’ comprehensive backgrounds allow them to identify the right mix of skills to insure efficiency and reliability.

Internationally-certified, InCrys implements industry-leading working methodologies, providing clients with the most dynamic approach with every project we encounter. We’re always among the first to try-out the most promising industry trends – InCrys’s has been Agile since 2010, constantly investing in our employees’ training and professional development.

If you’d like to view the complete InCrys skill-matrix or have any questions for us, please contact us.


Piet Knol
Piet Knol
Business Development
Piet holds master degrees in Experimental Physics and Education. He celebrates 25 years of ICT experience, passionate about Innovation and Business Intelligence. He headed the global sales of the CMG telecom portfolio, before joining AND IP as a Board Member. At Vodafone NL he was the business development manager. Rejoining CGI, he finally became in Group MD Sales & Alliance management. From 2009 to 2012, he was the CEO of Patientline.
Thomas Bakker
Thomas Bakker
Business Development

Thomas is an entrepeneur. He has an educational background in Hospitality Management and ICT. As a senior consultant and project manager, he has advised corporate enterprises on Business Challenges related to Innovation and Digital, including impact on new business models. From staffing specialists to setting up Business IT roadmaps, he enjoys helping your business to run faster and to be more agile.

We believe that transparency and the efficient communication that leads to business symbiosis are a source of mutual growth and development. InCrys involves their comprehensive experience into understanding industry-specific client needs and improvement opportunities. This enables us to provide cutting-edge technology, software and consulting solutions that discern through practicability and efficiency.

InCrys is senior enough to be mature and reliable, yet young enough to offer fresh, creative solutions.

We’re Agile-certified. This means we assure highest compliance with client demands in the shortest possible development time, by making intelligent use of the Agile Methodology and its’ dynamic feedback-generous and client-centered approach to project management.

To further insure the most productive communication, we provide our clients in the Netherlands with a Dutch-speaking facilitator, to help relay project-related information in an intuitive, unrestricted manner.


Dedicated Development Teams

Internationally-certified dedicated experts. Cost-effective delivery-center. Dutch-speaking project-coordinator.

Our Dedicated Development Team functions as an extension of your own in-house staff. This is because InCrys has wide-ranging experience with divers business climates, enabling us to understand our client’s vision and align our efforts to those of company employees.

InCrys’s certified developers speak many programming languages and methodologies fluently, insuring every project meets the perfect match of skills.

Because cost-wise solutions should never compromise quality and efficiency, InCrys provides our clients in the Netherlands with a Dutch-speaking client-relationship facilitator, to insure high-speed, accurate communication with our English-proficient developer teams.

Software Development

Comprehensive skill-matrix. Internationally-certified developers. Agile-specialized project managers.

InCrys has an extensive, large-scale software development background. Our know-how allows us to adapt to demanding circumstances, to respond with competent solutions to aggressive deadlines and complex requirements, contributing the InCrys mature creativity to every project we engage.

With a novelty-aware, constantly-growing skill-matrix, InCrys is ready to help meet any client exigency. Our previous involvement allows us to suggest the best approach and mix of technologies, adding value to the planning and development process.

Agile since 2010, InCrys insures the fastest possible time-to-market, and dynamic compliance with client demands. Our flexible nature makes our developers efficient and versatile, while the long-endorsed InCrys active-listening abilities insure an open, empathic business-relationship.

IT&C Infrastructure

State-of-the-art technology. Internationally-certified system-architects. Automation and reliability.

InCrys has comprehensive, ongoing experience with designing and maintaining the most efficient IT&C Infrastructures. Committing our mature creativity and a future-aware perspective, we can identify the most suitable mix of established and emerging technologies to deliver a reliable, automation-empowered infrastructure.

Always among the first to leverage future-shaping new technologies, InCrys is determined to help clients improve operational efficiency. Certified in the latest Cloud-Managed-System methodologies and best-practices, our architects design for the highest agility without compromising reliability.

Using InCrys-developed innovative applications, we can help reduce IT maintenance costs, through process automation. Our expertise enables us to provide painless infrastructure mitigation from the outdated physical-server-infrastructure to the Cloud, guaranteeing the lowest possible downtime.


Internationally-certified experts. Dutch-speaking project-facilitator. Industry-specific know-how with 14 years’ experience.

Consulting is at the foundation of every service we provide. It’s the spontaneous result of our far-reaching background and future-proof mindset. Being involved in a project from the earliest stage, right where the planning and research happen, allows us to add value to the decision-making process, by offering a multi-sided perspective – as acquired throughout 14 years of involvement.

We contribute an in-depth understanding of industry-specific market-challenges, and the wisdom of large-scale, hands-on experience with the most efficient technologies and methodologies. InCrys can help you analyze all options available, highlighting potential risk-factors and hidden difficulties, as well as previously-overlooked benefits.

We insure access to the know-how you need to make the best decision for your business – enabled by a Dutch-speaking project-facilitator.

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